5 Best Investments For Producers  🎹

5 Best Investments For Producers 🎹


There's a lot that goes into success but I wanted to highlight some key things that helped me really advance my music career 💎

Have you thought about the things you need to succeed as a music producer?

As a producer, you have to put so much time, effort, and money into your career in order to get the results you deserve!

Even though success doesn't come over night, you have to start somewhere 👇🏽

1. A Fast and Reliable Computer

When I first started out producing, I was using an old HP laptop with only 4GB of RAM but it got the job done as far as making beats. However, just getting the job done can severely limit your creativity. As time went on and the more my computer filled up with files, my laptop would always be very slow and crash regularly. It would take 10-15 minutes just to boot up (and still be slow 😅) hindering my performance and workflow. Whether you're just getting into music or looking to upgrade, you should look at getting a laptop with at least 16GB of RAM so you have the ability to run any program lag-free. I would suggest investing in a gaming laptop with an RTX/GTX processor or a MacBook with an M1/M2 processor for guaranteed high performance.

2. Advertisement

Once you have a catalog of beats and know they are industry quality, you need to start advertising so that traffic will flow to your website. Once you start gaining traffic, you will start to see your plays, likes, wishlists, and sales grow overtime. You must insure that your beats are actually good before you advertise but also be patient. Get some feedback from close peers on if your beats sound good and mixed. Investing isn't always an overnight gain. You may make an investment today and not see results for a few days, weeks, or even months. Yet, it's all about staying in the faces of people so the thought of your beats form in their mind to the point where they want to buy them. Depending on what beats you have and promote, you will produce quick results. You should invest $50-$100 a day (Beatstars, Soundclick, or Traktrain) in advertising to get traffic going and see a good outcome. Overtime, you will get customers who will invest in your exclusive pricing 💸

3. A Pair of Monitors & Headphones

Many producers starting out may not realize the importance of having a pair of monitors as I made this same mistake coming up as well. Wondering why your mix isn't as good as it should be may be due to the equipment you're using. I used to just produce my beats with cheap $20 Sony headphones I got from Walmart and I thought that was good enough but when I went back and listened to beats I made years ago with those headphones, I realized I was lied to 😂 It wasn't until after I invested in 2 quality monitors along with an interface and also bought some high quality headphones, for references, that I could hear what needed to be worked on to improve my mixing. I would suggest the Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO 250-Ohm headphones & a pair of JBL MKII or Yamaha HS5 monitors.

4. A DropBox Business Account

Having this will give you a huge advantage as the business account will provide you with features like disabled downloads, signature signing, 3TB storage, and much more. I sell beats to rappers using my dropbox folder by disabling the downloads and forcing them to come back to buy the beat 🧠 It's also good for doing giveaways because you can set an expiration date on files before the link expires increasing urgency to download your products.

5. High Quality VSTs & Expansions

I think this investment is high up in importance. The sounds you use is what will make your beats hot or not 😬 VSTs give life to your style of production and having the right sounds will give you unlimited creativity. Even though stock sounds may not always be the best, you need to also be able to obtain expansion packs for your favorite VSTs as the custom sounds in them will unlock massive potential. My favorite VSTs to use right now are Omnisphere, Purity, ElectraX, Arcade, Kontakt, Analog Lab V, Roland SRX Collection, and many more.

Once you get in the mindset of investing in you music business, things will honestly start to look up 📈

When I started really investing, I didn't look back nor did I feel bad because I knew it was necessary

I hope these tips shed some insight on your situation and I wish the best of luck to you 🙏🏽

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