5 Common Mistakes Producers Make 📉

5 Common Mistakes Producers Make 📉


A lot of producers wonder what it takes to become a full-time producer and honestly you'd be shocked at the things most don't realize.

Many minds get caught up in the hype of success but don't put as much effort into actually achieving their own goals.

During the start of the COVID pandemic, there was a boost of entrepreneurship in the producer community but if you fast forward to today and I've seen a lot of producers quit doing music full time, go back to work, or just gave up entirely.

This results from the lack of knowledge, not having the right strategies in place, and not being resilient enough.

Some key factors would include:

1. Not Selling Quality Sound Kits

  • Realizing that you can be more than just a beat maker and expand your sound through other methods is going to be the start of a new path. Knowing how to put together high quality sound kits will give your brand a positive reputation and expand your income.
2. Not Investing In Yourself
  • Invest in getting your beats heard in the right places whether it's online or in the studio. If you can put yourself in the faces of many people consistently then you have a higher chance of succeeding. Also, invest in high quality VSTs and spend time learning how to construct industry level melodies.
3. Not Offering Enough Services
  • The more skills you have, the more you're in demand. Knowing more creative skills such as editing videos, creating cover art, mixing and mastering, and providing guidance to others are all things that make you more valuable and create more opportunities for yourself.
4. Sticking To One Thing
  • Not being versatile, posting the same type of content too much, and not stepping out of your comfort zone will cause you to become stagnant. You have to adapt to change and find new ways to provide value to your audience.
5. Not Building a Brand
  • If you don't project yourself as a serious music producer then people will lose interest, overlook you, and eventually stop rocking with you. You have to show that you're always working and dropping new content that's engaging and of true value.
I'm sure there are many other things I didn't go over but I just wanted to highlight some key things that could be potentially holding you back.
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