5 Easy Ways To Gain Fans 📳

5 Easy Ways To Gain Fans 📳


Have you noticed the amount of people trying to do music today?

I won't say it's a bad thing but it can quickly get oversaturated and you don't want to get caught up if the right steps aren't taken

These are some tips on how you can approach building a fanbase differently and how your mindset can determine your success!

1. Carry Yourself Like a Successful Artist
  • Ever since the internet took over, it has caused a dramatic increase in musicians wanting to pursue the limelight in the music industry, What will make you stand out in the pool of seemingly endless artists to compete with? The truth is, there's not much competition when you're doing it right. You must act in the manner in which you are already a successful artist and once you get into that mindset you will feel a change in your movement 🧘🏼‍♂️
2. Have High Quality Music + Branding
  • Many listeners are eagerly searching for new music every single day so your catalog must make a good first impression on others. Is your music mixed and mastered? Do you have eye catching cover art with your music? Are you dropping new music consistently? All of these things fans take into consideration before deciding to invest their time, energy, and potential money in you.
3. Engage With Your Audience
  • Once you've started to build a buzz take the time to engage back with your fans by liking their comments, replying back to some, replying to supportive DMs, give a s/o for supporting your music, do a special giveaway, ect. There are many ways to go about giving back that will make your fans appreciate and fall in love with your brand, music, and you as a person which is the most important thing. Having fans that like and support you is the #1 key to success in music.
4. Offer More Than Music
  • Nowadays, an artist has to do so much more than make music to be successful. Did you know that a million plays on Spotify only pays out to around $4,000? That may seem like a lot to some but if you have bills and other responsibilities you may find yourself needing way more if you want this to be your full-time career. It's so important to build a brand revolving around your music that way you can sell merchandise, have more impactful show events, do features, get sponsorships, partner with other brands, host pop up shops, ect.
5. Be Active On Social Media
  • One of the biggest problems I see in artists today is the resistance to take social media serious. So many shy away from this massive tool to help you reach millions of people daily. You must consider the fact that if you want to be an artist you must think of yourself as an entertainer. That will require you to, unapologetically, get in the faces of people on a regular basis. Build a brand, post relatable content that will uplift your brand, find fans by following the fans of artist your music is inspired by, look professional, have good music, and stay consistently in the faces of people. If you go ghost and stop posting you'll lose all of the motion you once had so keep it going!
I just wanted to share some insight with you for developing new fans!
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