5 Ways Producers Can Live Off of Music 📈

5 Ways Producers Can Live Off of Music 📈


It is possible to make a full-time career off of being a music producer and these are some tips on how you can start making a long-term living off music.

One thing that's always emphasized when trying to get new producers to start making sales is your mindset.

As a producer that's been making beats for over 10 years, I didn't get to start living off of my music until I changed how I viewed things so here are some things that helped me become a full-time producer.

1. Selling Beats

  • You must work on your craft constantly and make beats in the style of artists that are popular today to craft your own original sound. Rappers will be attracted to these types of beats because it's the sound they are searching for. Make sure the mix on all of your beats are top notch because it will make a difference in listener quality. The more professional your beats sound, the more you'll attract customers.
2. Selling Sound Kits
  • Creating custom loop kits, drum kits, MIDI kits, templates, ect are a great source of income for a producer. It's important that you work on developing your sound to a unique industry standard so that others producers will view your kits as high quality and be more inclined to buy them. How your products are presented to your audience will determine your success.
3. Social Media Influence
  • Being noticeable on social media platforms will put you ahead of most other producers. Creating an online brand that is well-rounded can entice an audience to lock in with you. Many artists, producers, and musical entities will want to work with you based off of your social media presence. It will also become easier to share your content to a large audience who will appreciate your work. 
4. Mixing and Mastering
  • Artists are always looking for someone to professionally mix their tracks so it's important that you develop this skillset. Producers also look for others who can mix their beats as well. Being able to get a high quality/industry standard mix is a cheat code for a loyal clientele. With some basic mixing and mastering knowledge and the help of vocal templates, you'll be able to mix anyone's track.
5. Teaching Others
  • Everyone fiends for knowledge and looks for ways to grow so being a crutch to help others is always a form of income that will keep you thriving. Being knowledgable in what you teach others is key to growing trust within your audience and peers. Pick a niche in what you want to teach, create a brand around it, then start being the answer for those who have a problem.
These are just a few key things that will help you make an income as a music producer and with the right timing, dedication, understanding, and knowledge you will become successful!
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