5 Ways Producers Can Meet New Artists 🧑‍💻

5 Ways Producers Can Meet New Artists 🧑‍💻


Many producers who are trying to make their first sale or make more consistent sales are always wondering how to get in front of new artists.

Do you know what it takes to get artists to notice you?

When you really think about it, the answer is actually very simple!

1. Have a Good Brand

Your brand has a lot to do with trust building online and the best way to earn a sale is through someone who trusts you. Focus on developing a professional producer brand that is appealing to the masses which will generate more reach from the algorithms. If you want to build a long lasting relationship and not just one time buyers, paying attention to your brand and personally connecting with your audience will drive you to greater results!

2. Reach Out To Them First

Some may disagree with this but this is actually one of the best ways to get in the faces of more artists organically and targeted. Why not reach out to artists who you really do hear them rapping over one of your beats and get them to check you out? It's all about how you approach them though. Take some time to think of ways to be genuine and reach out to artists without coming off too desperate.

3. Invest In Advertising

If you have a budget with some money to spend, I highly advise you to let advertising do the work for you. Using advertising features on beat selling platforms are a sure way to get your beats heard by thousands of new artists daily without you having to do much work. Once these artists hear your beats, they will decide if they want to buy it on the spot or hit you up for any special deals so now you have the opportunity to negotiate and personally close a sale.

4. Be Very Active On Social Media

Part of gaining trust is to be consistent. Artists want to work with producers who are very active, always working, and pumping out new heat regularly. When you're steady dropping new snippets and just posting music related content in general, you're staying in their faces and on their minds which triggers them to check out your work. If you're good enough, they'll buy your beats.

5. Have Good Beats

Having a catalog of well mixed, modern, and unique beats will definitely get you in the door. If your catalog is vast then you have a higher chance of gaining a new customer as they're constantly checking out your beats and deciding which ones they want to get on. Be sure to always practice your craft by getting better at arrangement, mixing, sound design, drum pattern sequencing, and more.

These are just a few tips on to get in the faces of many artists on a daily basis!

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