5 Ways To Gain Real Supporters As a Producer 🤝

5 Ways To Gain Real Supporters As a Producer 🤝


As musicians, we often feen for acknowledgement and without it many of us tend to fall back on our passion or even ultimately quit 😥

Deep inside, us creatives are sensitive beings that need to be upheld and complimented for our hard work!

It's true, most people only want to support things that others support or are already popular so why not make yourself just that?

You have to get into the right mindset that attracts people to you so that you can start receiving your flowers today 👍🏽

1. Give Value
  • People want to have a reason to support you. Giving good advice based off of real experience is the best way for those upcoming to look to you for answers. Once you are knowledgable in what you do, you'll be able to help others with their problems and can even be compensated for it as well. 
2. Be Professional
  • Your peers need to be able to trust you and having a professional looking brand will bring more engagement. People will always have more confidence in the brand that puts more effort into themselves. Be sure to brand yourself the best possible way you can so people can start to put their faith in you. 
3. Be Relatable
  • Everybody wants to support brands they can relate to the most. Posting content that will strike resemblance in people's hearts will give you the ultimate pass. Whether it's through tweets, memes, captions, ect you must focus on being similar to those in your niche. Your likeness will lead you afar.
4. Put Out High Quality Products
  • How well your products are perceived will determine your potential and longevity. It's prominent that you develop the best products and package them in a way that your audience cannot resist getting their hands on. You must perfect your craft with each release and the better your products become, the more you'll have returning supporters.
5. Give Away Free Stuff
  • Be strategic with giveaways. You must give away something valuable to you in return for something valuable from your audience. This also builds trust with your supporters and if you can show your products are of value with a free version, they will be more inclined to buy your paid products in the future because they'll remember what you did for them.
Just think about these tips, start applying it in your own way, and you'll eventually start reaching milestones 🤝
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