5 Ways To Gain Recognition As a Producer 🙋‍♂️

5 Ways To Gain Recognition As a Producer 🙋‍♂️


Many producers wonder how they can grow their following & engagement on social media and honestly it's not as complicated as you may think.

You see, social media isn't about selling and promoting yourself all the time but about being relatable to those in your niche.

1. Post Producer Related Content
  • In order to get mutuals to engage with your profile, you must post & repost things that are only relevant to your brand and overall image. Producers want to follow other producers that they feel like they can relate to, have similar personalities as, and can inspire them. If you have a lot of experience doing music then it shouldn't be hard to come up with music related subjects you could discuss with a fellow producer.
2. Start Conversations
  • Starting threads that express your musical opinion can be the very thing that puts your profile in the good graces of the algorithm. My tweets have gotten the attention of Nick Mira, Hit Boy, Tay Keith, Taz Taylor, Cash Money AP, TM88, and many more I can't even name. It's hard to say if I'll ever get a collab with these top producers but it's nice to know they came across my profile in a positive light and hopefully maybe in the future if it's meant to be it'll happen.
3. Be a Real Human
  • People tend to follow those who present themselves as a real person because it builds trust. Using professional pictures of yourself portraying your producer persona can attract a large audience to you given the type of content you post. Your audience wants to know that they can be confident trusting in your brand.
4. Set a Positive Image
  • Part of trust-building with your audience is setting an overall positive identity. You wouldn't want to support or do business with someone who is always complaining, arguing with others on the TL, trying to expose, or talk down on others would you? Being positive will attract other brands to want to work with you and unlock potentially life changing opportunities!
5. Provide Value
  • Your audience are the very people who are going to ensure you become a full time producer so look out for them and give back! Every follower milestone I set for myself, I'd give away a free sound kit, VST, ebook, anything of value that could potentially help out the next producer. When they see this from you that makes them trust and appreciate you even more so make sure to take care of those who take care of you.
I hope these tips help shape your mindset even more than it already is!
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