5 Ways To Grow Your Instagram As a Producer 📷

5 Ways To Grow Your Instagram As a Producer 📷


Many producers wonder how to get more engagement on Instagram and stay in the algorithm and here's some tips on how to achieve organic growth 🧠

Growing your Instagram without using bots or buying fake engagement but having organic reach is a true possibility!

Noted that going the organic route may take more time to build up but it'll be much more worth it in the end to know that your profile is 100% authentic which will attract many real supporters down the line

Here are 5 ways that can help you grow a following in order to build a successful online production business 🙏🏽

1. Focus On Visual Content

  • Instagram is very visual based app so it pays off more to show yourself & your atmosphere. Create videos of you previewing a beat or create reels of you breaking down a beat. People want to feel a more personal connection with you so it's important that you stay active and just focus on posting content that will be relatable to other musicians visiting your page.
2. Post Your Beats
  • How good your beats are will speak for itself. The best way to get engagement on your beats is to post screen records of your best & latest beats. Write a detailed description, label each slide with a beat name, and use 30 relevant hashtags that describe your beats. You don't have to post snippets everyday but posting consistently will keep you in good graces.
3. Post Pictures of Yourself
  • People want to feel a personal connection with you so your supporters want to know that you're a real person that they can build trust with. Show yourself in studio like atmospheres, take high quality pictures, and be music oriented. Try to pose and look confident in your photos.
4. Use Stories
  • The algorithm will show your stories to more people based on what you post. I noticed that, I'll get the most story views when I'm just making a statement in plain text with a blacked out background. Run more polls based off of production opinions as well so your stories get more engagement. The more that people see your stories, the more they'll see your promotions and want to inquire. Do not over post stories because the algorithm will start shadow banning your stories. Post only up to 5-10 stories maximum a day.
5. Follow & Engage Those In Your Niche
  • In order for the algorithm to show your posts to more people, you must engage with others first. Find active artists and producers to engage with and just start showing genuine love. If your content is decent, they will show love back. Do this for at least an hour a day, an hour before you make a post, and an hour after you've posted and you will start to see significant growth.
Remember, if you want producing to be your full-time career then you must treat it as such. Social media is literally our job in this day and age so we must take this in stride. Get comfortable and get used to it but once you start to see the results, it'll push you to keep making the right moves 💯
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