How To Find Your Signature Sound As a Producer 🎶

How To Find Your Signature Sound As a Producer 🎶


One of the main focuses of improving your craft as a producer is by identifying your main sound

If you're still new to making beats or have been going at it for years, it may still be difficult to really define what your production means to you and how others will perceive it

Here are some pinpointed tips on how you can level up your beats and find your sound ⬇️

1. Mimic your favorite producers
In order to start hearing your beats progress you must find the right inspiration. Think about the type of music that got you inspired to make beats. Find out who produced some of your favorite songs and just start following in their footsteps.

2. Listen to popular and modern music
People want to hear the newest style so it's important to keep up with the trends. You can get inspired by listening to the latest albums and singles by the most popular upcoming artists. This will ensure you're listening to what other artists are listening to so you make similar beats.

3. Collab with other producers
When other producers add their signature touch to your production it can feel as if your sound has expanded. Collaborating also gives you direct insight into the mind of another producer whose knowledge that can help you advance. This can be highly beneficial for getting ahead when it comes to making beats.

4. Have a specific set of vibes 
The key to locking down your own style is by making beats in 1 style. This may seem contradicting to being creative but it's true. If you continuously make the same style of beats you will eventually be known as the go-to producer for that specific sound. It's cool to experiment and do different types of beats but if you're trying to build a brand people need to know what to identify you with. This will also help you target your niche audience.

5. Consistently practice
Of course, practice makes perfect. With enough time, dedication, and effort you'll be on your way to creating your own sound that other upcoming producers will look up to. This will also solidify you in the music industry and artists will want to work exclusively with you.

Doing something as great as finding your own unique sound can be challenging and take time but if you stick with it then eventually your signature style will be revealed to you!

When you lock down your style and put them in front of the right audience, you'll eventually be able to become a full-time producer

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