The Best Advice For Producers In 2023 ✅

The Best Advice For Producers In 2023 ✅


These 12 tips will help put you in the mindset to becoming a full-time producer!

If you start applying these gems today you can achieve great results ⬇️

  1. Wake up every day with the belief that you are a successful music producer.
  2. Make at least 1 beat a day / 5 beats a week MINIMUM.
  3. Compose at least 5-10 melody samples per week.
  4. Use social media to build an email list of producers and artists to promote your content and products to weekly.
  5. Use Twitter and Instagram daily to connect with other producers by posting valuable and engaging content.
  6. Upload a new beat to your beat store every day (even if it’s an old beat) This will help your beats stay in the algorithm.
  7. Construct new drum kits, MIDI kits, sample packs, and preset kits to release monthly.
  8. Use Instagram daily to reach out to new artists. Spend 1-2 hours a day DMing artists you think you can hear rapping on your beats.
  9. Invest in advertising, your producer image, collabs, sound kits, gear, VSTs, plug-ins, programs for content creation, expansion banks, anything that will help you.
  10. Give away free valuable content to grow your email list and brand trust.
  11. Learn valuable skills such as graphic design, video editing, web design, marketing, and copywriting.
  12. Create a DropBox Business account, upload and organize your beats by genre, disable downloads, and send link to all artists you message.
This is some of the best advice you can receive as an upcoming producer

Don't be afraid to step out of comfort zone to learn new things that will increase your value and revenue 📈

P.S. Download HD Version of Producer Checklist
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